Mares Leg 

The assembly process of this kit is fairly easy. I have more photos than words here. If you have any specific questions please email

Tools required:

  • hacksaw
  • file
  • metric hex keys
  • small pilers
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • paint (optional)

Parts needed from original Hammer 7 lower:

  • trigger spring
  • trigger roll pin
  • lower mounting hardware
  • 1 spring from a Hammer 7 mag

Parts required 

 Original Hammer 7 body. We will need to cut the front block off and file it flat.

Removed front block

Trigger parts

Easiest way to install the spring is to slip it over a hex key. Then insert the hex key into the lower to place the spring. 

Carefully place the trigger over the spring. Use the roll pin to hold it in place. Use a small hammer to LIGHTLY tap the pin flush. If the pin does not move easily, either drill or file the 3mm hole in the trigger to be slightly larger. It should be snug.

Place stock into the rear of the lower. Use 28mm bolt from original Hammer lower to connect both pieces. If you have an older H7 with a shorter bolt, use the provided 25mm screw instead.

Lever parts

Insert square stock though a link, the body, the lever and finally through the last link. Tighten all the set screws.

Tighten your bolt hardware. I like to remove the orings from them for a smoother action.

Insert detents

Insert follower

Remove a spring from a Hammer 7 mag. Insert into the copper tube. It should be slightly longer than the tube itself. If it is not, slightly stretch it.

Place the front connector and shroud over the copper tube.

Slide over the barrel and into the lower. Tighten all screws

This is the trickiest part of the build. Cut the appropriate amount of macroline and insert into the 12 gram ASA combo (or remote assembly). Push into the back of the stock until the macroline is beneath the 90° fitting. Use a small hex key to guide it all the way into the fitting. Push on the 12 gram changer to fully seat the line. Tighten set screw.


Taking the time to finish the surfaces will complete the look of this kit. 

    • Stock and shroud are Wood PLA (PolyLactic Acid) so they can be lightly sanded and will take wood stain.
    • Front connector, trigger and lower are ASA (Acrylonitirle Styrene Acrylate). They can be sanded and finished by either acetone vapour or paint.
    • Metal components can be sanded, chamfered and painted or polished.