Where are you located and what currency is your store?

We are located in Saskatoon, Canada. All products are in Canadian dollars.

Why is my order taking so long?

All products are made to order. 3d printing is a slow process and some kits take ~28hrs of printing to complete. Please be patient while we complete your order.

How strong are printed components?

FDM printing can produce very strong components, but there are limitations to what it can achieve. All parts have been extensively tested for strength but there are rare cases where printed parts can fail. While these parts are robust, please be careful while diving behind cover! If you have a component that fails due to manufacturer error, please email info@epochpaintball.ca for support.

What warranty is provided with purchase?

All printed products purchased from Epoch Paintball have a 1 year warranty for cracking & delamination. If you have a broken part from regular usage, please email info@epochpaintball.ca for replacement.